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Fixed, competitive rates may lead to predictable billing and decreased costs
  • The Challenge

    Client’s electricity and gas supply rates were not consistent from month to month and and was therefore making it difficult for client to forecast and project expenses. Client was purchasing most of its electric supply from local utilities, but never explored third-party suppliers and thus was unable to take full advantage of stable market prices. These rate fluctuations adversely affected the client’s ability to properly forecast for electric costs.

    The client sought our expertise to help them secure competitive, fixed rate pricing.

  • Our Approach

    We loaded the client’s current contracts into our Procurement Solution in FuseMap. This solution centralizes all procurement contracts and details the terms of the contract, including the number of accounts/properties under contract and the term of the contract.

    To show the client the unrealized cost savings from purchasing most of its electric supply from local utilities, we added FuseMap’s analytical layer. We pulled the client’s utility expense and usage report from FuseMap. We selected and created a 12-month consumption profile for some sample group of client’s accounts with a few utility companies in a state, estimated supply costs for retail third-parties and compared the utility costs.

    We assessed the client’s procurement objectives based on its energy consumption characteristics, performance benchmarks, budgeting and tracking, and industry characteristics, determined the client’s goals, objectives and risk in order to properly monitor adverse price movements, and evaluated these goals in light of their objectives.

    We developed a strategy to meet these objectives, analyzed the market, implemented this strategy and negotiated competitive rates with suppliers for the client.

  • The Results

    Achieved an estimated annual electricity cost savings of 15-20% for the client.

    Client can now manage all procurement contract data in real-time, with a click of a button.

    Obtained fixed, competitive rates with third-party suppliers which allows client to have predictable bills and therefore better positions it to generate more reliable forecasts.

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