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Deficiencies in the energy management process can lead to rising energy consumption
Our client needed a solution that would help them reduce their energy consumption, without having to make a major capital investment
By collecting energy data and using our FuseMap Smart Building Platform, the client’s engineers were able to make effective decisions that increased energy efficiency and drive significant cost savings, while also increasing employee morale.
  • The Challenge
    Client had a pressing need to reduce energy usage and associated costs. They also wanted to improve workplace satisfaction and resource efficiency.
  • Our Approach

    We gathered information on the client’s utility expenses, conducted energy audits, and identified equipment and locations with excessive energy use. Using this data, we set consumption reduction goals.

    We then added FuseMap’s analytical layer on top of the existing building management systems, capturing and analyzing millions of data points per day. The platform used advanced technology and artificial intelligence to manage the complex operational aspects of the client’s buildings on a real-time basis.

    The Smart Building Platform addressed energy consumption and expenditure in three key areas:

    • 01
      Fault Detection and Diagnosis
      Enabled real-time, targeted interventions of faulty or under-performing building equipment.
    • 02
      Alarm Management
      Prioritized the myriad of notifications the existing building systems generated, and pointed engineers to the most critical issues with the greatest impact on energy consumption, occupancy comfort and business impact.
    • 03
      Centralized Energy Management
      Correlated data from disparate sources including building systems, utilities and weather data feeds to optimize building energy consumption and performance. Engineers were able to manage energy-use holistically, while occupants’ energy usage behaviour were improved with visual dashboards and energy benchmarks.
  • The Results

    Our integrated approach enabled the client to aggregate and analyze its building data to generate actionable insights that saved energy and cut costs. The client has used this data to embark on multiple improvements that are reshaping the way its buildings are managed.

    The platform enabled building engineers to continuously identify issues and optimize the performance of building equipment. This is forecast to deliver annual savings of over one million dollars. Our Smart Energy Management Platform is projected to deliver savings of several million dollars by optimizing base load and reducing plug load across the building portfolio.

    By applying analytics to make their buildings smarter, our client was able to make energy consumption savings of 18 percent and reduce associated operating costs, without making any major capital investment, or causing disruption to their occupants.

Corporate Real Estate Organizations can use FuseMap Smart Building Platform to cut costs and secure significant environmental improvements, benefitting from its key design principals which:
  • Identify, collect and aggregate relevant data
  • Utilize industry-leading analytics to determine savings
  • Present results in a consumable and actionable form
  • Centralize monitoring operations
  • Engage the entire organization
  • Avoid disruptive change
in finding solutions
Some companies that approach us are typically in the market for solutions that can help them reduce their energy consumption without making significant capital investment or causing any disruption to occupants of their properties. We find them these solutions and more. Find out how we can help you with your needs