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About Us
  • Mission
    Here at Emissions Consult, we’re a full-scale technological development and analytics company that specializes in energy savings through smart, AI-based solutions. We believe that the future of the world will be dictated by a commitment to smart technology, mitigating waste and consumption while maximizing productivity and efficiency. We are taking this perspective and introducing it into the world of property management, helping businesses, retail locations, hospitals, and hotels to reduce their energy costs and waste while saving money and improving their smart energy system.
  • Vision
    Our vision is to offer solutions that have an industry-wide impact on the way that energy is managed in buildings and other facilities. We are focused on generating overall cost savings for clients that translates into higher profits, better environmental results, and drastically enhanced occupant experience.
  • Core Values
    • 01
      Through innovation, we challenge people and companies to rethink how energy is used and managed. Our services are personalized for each client. We help each client rethink energy expense as an asset. We make it easier for each client to be an active participant in how its assets and its people use and manage energy.
    • 02
      Community Involvement
      Our commitment goes beyond our walls and into our community. We value our community. We help foster economic development and contribute to social and environmental sustainability by volunteering and donating to organizations.
    • 03
      We have a diverse and inclusive team that conducts itself with the highest level of integrity. Our team is made up of experienced energy managers, developers, database managers, engineers, designers, lawyers, and customer service professionals. We are united in our commitment to smart energy, mitigating waste and maximizing productivity and efficiency. We continuously challenge, empower each other, and work collaboratively to produce unmatched results for our clients.
    • 03
      Client Value Creation
      We are committed to helping each client exceed its goals. We take the time to build strong, collaborative relationships with clients. We get know our client and its assets to better assess its practices, core values, and goals. This allows us support each client and recommend solutions based on their needs. We are committed to continuously creating long-term win-win client relationships and bring value.
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