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Energy management solutions that save on costs, reduce risk and strengthen your reputation
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Emissions Consult offers powerful energy and sustainable management solutions for optimal success to clients ranging from corporate conglomerates and government agencies to nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and emerging entrepreneurial start-ups. We help clients increase revenue, maximize impact, reduce risk, position themselves for growth, and enhance their reputations. Together with our Smart Enterprise Energy Management System, FuseMap, we offer our clients two avenues of support - our unparalleled consultancy and our advanced technological capabilities. With this dual support, clients can accomplish ambitious goals and objectives while also managing their resources and saving in costs.

years of industry experience

Who we are
Discover a new approach to energy management

With over 15 years of industry experience, we have reinvented the traditional approach to energy management by leveraging advanced technology and data analysis to help companies streamline their energy management processes and increase efficiencies and cost savings. Our advanced technologies continuously monitor client energy consumption, costs, and sustainable commitments.

Deciding Advantages
Our key ingredients
  • One-stop-shop
    • We are a one-stop-shop for all of your energy management needs at a cost-effective rate
  • Customizable solutions
    • Our unparalleled consultancy, technology and practical approach allows us to provide customizable solutions uniquely designed for client purposes: making it easier to address energy management and sustainability needs. These solutions improve efficiencies and streamline processes so that resource management and corporate growth are one in the same.
  • Real-time monitoring
    • You will be able to monitor all of your energy resources and assets across building and floors in real time.
  • Advanced technologies
    • You will benefit from FuseMap’s high caliber artificial intelligence that monitors accumulated consumption data and provides superior pattern analysis and pattern recognition.
  • Proven cost savings
    • Our solutions have yielded an average of over $20M in savings for clients. The overall cost savings we achieve for clients translates into profits.
We focus on three service areas

Our customized solutions are used by real estate managers, landlords, engineers, energy managers, property managers, sustainability managers, educational institutions and single-family asset owners.

  • Energy Management & Efficiency
    We help clients across all sectors including, banking, restaurants, and hotels, reduce energy costs and optimize consumption.
  • Data Expense & Management
    We help you rethink energy expense as an asset. Using our unparalleled industry expertise and our smart energy management system FuseMap, we help you rethink energy expense as an asset.
  • Sustainability
    We help you develop energy sustainability goals and through our smart system, engage employees to drive a more sustainable strategy.

in finding solutions
Some companies that approach us are typically in the market for solutions that can help them reduce their energy consumption without making significant capital investment or causing any disruption to occupants of their properties. We find them these solutions and more. Find out how we can help you with your needs